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  1. just a thought, Your acting like I stole your...

    just a thought, Your acting like I stole your lunch... ;)
  2. Why Not Have Zombie Survival For a Game type for Premium Members

    It occured to me today, that alot of people would pay for memberships if you guys had a game type like Zombie survival. It would be like a clan of 5 or 6 battle together to kill Zombies (i.e. Kill...
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    Looking for CLAN MEMBERS

    We are ForceFuL EliTeS. We are looking for people to join up with us, just add me

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    Poll: Servers in Pennsylvania

    Why isn't there any servers in Pennsylvania?
    Im from PA, and the nearest server is in Virginia..
    I don't see why you guys don't have a server in either Pittsburgh or
    Philly. Have you guys thought...
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