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    Turboshot looking for Tier 3 CA Clan

    Yup. I'm now tier 3 and i'm awasome. I'm looking for clan who is active in CA wars/leauge. PM me, if you want me.!profile/statistics/TurboShot
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    I miss the infection mode. I feel bad that now i...

    I miss the infection mode. I feel bad that now i can't play it. As a premium player, i wouldnt like it only for premium in the future, but for all of us. And im saying it because i m sure, that this...
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    Tier suggestion

    Nowadays tier is a crazy mashine. I win 3 games on 1st place on tier 3, then i go tier 4 and i m the last one and get kicked for noobish style of play.

    I payd for premium to support you. I hope...
  4. To ID Software workers. How to pay for premium in other way ?

    Hello. I'm from Europe, Poland exactly. I don't have a credit card, but I want to buy premium. I feel discriminate because i cannot support your game. Is there any other way to buy a premium? I've...
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