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  1. Carousel controls not displayed as round on newer browsers

    This is a simple, but somewhat awkward bug, on the games home page (when you not logged in).
    The carousel controls are displayed as rectangles instead of being round. It isn't really a huge bug, but...
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    Perhaps a better solution would be to not use...

    Perhaps a better solution would be to not use tiers for matchmaking, but instead suggest the matches that have the closest skill rating to yours. Maybe even preventing players to join a server with...
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    We all want to improve, but when making...

    We all want to improve, but when making adjustments to improve our play, there is no way to tell whether or not it is actually helping us out, because we still get our butts kicked by the ones who...
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    Matchmaking system

    I am I low tier 4 FFA player, and whenever I play any FFA, there are always some people who are way above everyone else, which pretty much ruins the experience for me. I believe the problem is the...
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